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Tenants of The Historic Y

ACLU of Arizona

Suite 207, 738 N 5th Ave
The ACLU of Arizona is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, public interest legal organization. The ACLU of Arizona works in courts, Arizona Legislature, and communities statewide to defend and preserve individual rights and freedoms guaranteed to all by the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States and Arizona.

ALTA Consulting, LLC

Suite 114, 738 N 5th Ave
Allison Titcomb, Owner
Providing program planning and evaluation with a wide variety of educational and social service settings and clients specializing in evaluation design and methods, strengths-based approaches, facilitation, training & technical assistance, developmental evaluation

Arizona Trail Association

Suite 240, 300 E University Blvd
Wendy Lotze, Volunteer Coordinator520-730-8182520-730-8182
The Arizona Trail Associaton is the nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona National Scenic Trail as a unique encounter with the land. Our volunteer program engages trail enthusiasts in support of this mission to build a strong community of volunteers on and off the trail.

Arizona Wilderness Coalition

Suite 208, 738 N 5th Ave
Katrina Pappas, Office Coordinator520.326.4300
An organization of groups and individuals whose mission is to protect and restore wilderness lands and waters in Arizona

Belly Dance Tucson

2nd Floor, 738 N 5th Ave
Jessica Walker, Owner
Jovana Uzarraga, Instructor520.369.2925
Belly dance, classes, rehearsals, workshops, performances

Bennett TheatreLab Conservatory

Conf Room, 738 N 5th Ave
Philip G. Bennett, Artistic Director520.468.1664520-468-1664
The Bennett TheatreLab offers Professional training in the Stanislavsky System’s Ultimate Technique: Active Analysis through Physical Actions.

Bill Hatcher Photography

Suite 260, 300 E University Blvd
Bill Hatcher
Freelance photographer focusing on exploration, science and conservation (featured on National Geographic web site at http://talent.natgeocreative.com/talent/bill-hatcher.php)

Bohemian Element

Suite 300, 738 N 5th Ave
Theresa Mertens
Textile Import and Design

Childrens Action Alliance

Suite 220, 738 N 5th Ave
Dana Wolfe Naimark, President and CEO602.266.0707
Michelle Crow, Southern Arizona Director520.329.4930
Through research, publications, media campaigns, and advocacy, Children’s Action Alliance (CAA) seeks to influence policies and decisions affecting the lives of Arizona children and their families on issues related to health, child abuse and neglect, early care and education, budget and taxes, juvenile justice, children and immigration, and working families. CAA works toward a future in which all children have health insurance, no child is raised in poverty and hunger, every child enters school ready to learn and succeed, no child endures the ravages of abuse and neglect, every child has a place to call home, and struggling teens have the support they need to become responsible adults.

Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection

Suite 214, 738 N 5th Ave
Carolyn Campbell, Executive Director
Kathleen Kennedy, Program and Development Coordinator
Hannah Stitzer, Program and Outreach Associate
Sarah Whelan, Program and Outreach Associate
Working to achieve the long-term conservation of biological diversity and ecological function of the Sonoran Desert through comprehensive land-use planning

Colibri Center for Human Rights

Suite 235, 738 N 5th Ave
Arturo Magana
Robin Reineke, Executive Director520-724-8644
Chelsea Halstead, Deputy Director520-724-8644
Reyna Araibi, Historias y Recuerdos Project Manager / Communications 520-724-8644
Mirza Monterroso, DNA Program Manager520-724-8644
Ben Clark, Family Network Coordinator
The Colibrí Center for Human Rights is a family advocacy nonprofit organization working to end migrant death and related suffering on the U.S.-Mexico border. We partner with families and forensic scientists to find the missing and help identify the dead. We also work to bear witness to the loss of life and hold space for families to build community, share their stories, and help raise consciousness about this human rights crisis.

Crow Consulting Group

Suite 220, 738 N 5th Ave
Michelle Crow

DE III, Disability Aid LLC

Suite 240, 300 E University Blvd

DE III provides Social Security Disability claimants individualized, expert representation, to quickly obtain the benefits they need and deserve.

Earlham College Border Studies Program

Suite 205, 738 N 5th Ave
Alisha Vasquez, Border Studies Program Community Director
Cristen Vernon, Border Studies Spanish Instructor
Geoff Boyce, Academic Coordinator520-971-1498
Kate Morgan-Olsen, Director of Student Services
Mari Galup, Instructor
The Border Studies Program combines rigorous academic study, practical on-site learning, travel seminars and structured reflection in a semester that engages students in some of today’s most urgent social, economic, and ecological matters. A semester with the Border Studies Program facilitates the examination of issues related to migration, human rights, globalization, food systems, and the environment. Peers, scholars, farmers, indigenous peoples, state authorities, migrants and activists in both Mexico and the U.S. contribute to the learning process. This integrated experience challenges students to be more thoughtful and intentional about their participation in creating a just and sustainable world.

Earn to Learn

Suite 270, 300 E University Blvd
Kristin Wisneski-Blum, Program Director(520) 269-3757
Sabryna Alers, Enrollment specialist
With a mission of empowering low-to-moderate income students to successfully complete college, Earn to Learn is a needs-based scholarship program that teaches financial literacy, and rewards students and families who are committed to saving money to attend ASU, NAU and UA with $4,000 of matching scholarship funding. Additionally, the program utilizes coaching for students which includes personal finance training, college readiness training, and ongoing support from the very first day of attending college all the way through graduation.

Environmental Education Exchange

Suite 100, 738 N 5th Ave
Debbie Gevirtzman, Outreach Programs Coordinator
Neil Markowitz, Executive Director
Trica Hawkins, Co-founder / Director, Conservation Education Division
Adam Kingery, Tucson Energy Programs Manager520-670-1442
Providing programs and services for the advancement of environmental literacy in the United States.

Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Suite 101, 738 N 5th Ave
Kaïa Austin, Legal Assistant520/441-1762
Gabrielle Shaw, Children's Program Administrative Assistant 817-323-6674520-203-7912
Laura Belous, Supervising Attorney
Jamie Martin
A nonprofit legal service organization providing free legal services to men, women, and unaccompanied children detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security in Arizona.

The Freecycle Network

Suite 240, 300 E University Blvd
Deron Beal, Executive Director
A nonprofit recycling and reuse community whose goal is to keep used items out of landfills via our gifting community at Freecycle.org

Gigi70 Natural Skin Care

Suite 266, 300 E University Blvd
Gina Gianforti, Owner
Facials, Dermaplaning, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures

Gilda A Guerry LLC

Suite 246, 300 E University Blvd
Gilda Guerry Aguilar, Certified Paralegal520-548-0308520-548-0308
Paralegal Services and Notary. Bilingual and affordable.

Green Party of Pima County

Conf Room, 738 N 5th Ave
Michael Cease, Chairperson
The Green Party is the party for promoting real progressive politics and change in this country.

The Historic Y

Suite 030, 300 E University Blvd
Clayton Clark, Property Manager520.903.7643520.903.7643
Teresa Hamilton, Janitor
Morty Bustos, Staff
Alina Burke, Event and Social Media Coordinator520.909.7245
Shawn Burke, Owner415.218.0020
A community arts, educational and environmental resource center and full-service professional office building offering long term office leases; class, conference and studio space rentals; and music, dance and theatre classes, workshops and performances.

The Human Communication Studio

Suite 110, 738 N 5th Ave
Kathryn Kellner, Director
Kellner Brown
Pete Gonzales
Isaac Rios
There is no substitute for the ability to engender a strong personal connection or the impact of a finely cultivated presence.
The personal and the digital need to grow together, and to support one another. Confidence, charisma, and clarity will always be your boots on the ground. It's not that these skills are getting harder to learn, it's simply that they aren't being taught. We're here to see that the skill set of person-to-person interaction keeps its seat at the table.

Intervention Recovery Coaching

Suite 224, 738 N 5th Ave
Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, Owner520.465.7880
The Benefits of Coaching

"Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals. (ICF)"

Yoga Alliance (Hatha) Teacher E-RYT 200; ICF Professional Certified Coach; NAADAC Certified Addiction Counselor I; Board Registered Interventionist II.

Liberal Catholic Mission

Conf Room, 738 N 5th Ave
Bennett Burke, Pastor
Our Lady of Peace and Hope Liberal Catholic Mission combines the traditional sacramental form of worship – stately ritual, deep mysticism, an abiding witness to the reality of sacramental grace – with the widest measure of intellectual liberty and respect for the individual conscience.

Moment-to-Moment Painting

Suite 218, 738 N 5th Ave
Amy Champeau, Owner Psychotherapist Jungian analyst262.412.0646


2nd Floor, 738 N 5th Ave
Monique Brown
Mosdanceflow is run by Monique and Luis both enriched in the Caribbean culture bringing to you the sweet sounds of Bachata music from the Dominican Republic and the affluent Rhythm of salsa. We provide a group class every Wednesday night at 7pm. If you are looking for private salsa and Bachata lessons we've got it!!!! Please Contact Monique.

National Parks Conservation Association, Arizona Field Office

Suite 222, 738 N 5th Ave
Kevin Dahl, Arizona Program Manager
Protecting and enhancing America’s National Parks for present and future generations

Sharon Nemirov, Artist

Suite 043, 738 N 5th Ave

Paulo Freire Freedom School

Suite 010, 300 E University Blvd
Chad Blair, Director520.624.7552
A free, Tucson public school for 6th through 8th grades. A project of CITY Center for Collaborative Learning.

The Rogue Theatre

Suite 150, 300 E University Blvd
Cindy Meier, Managing Director & Associate Artistic Director
Joe McGrath, Artistic Director
Dedicated to creating the highest quality theatre possible, challenging, stretching, and invigorating our community by presenting plays which offer complex and provocative points of view related to important social, political, and personal issues

The Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre

Suite 131, 738 N 5th Ave
Bryan Falcon520.360.8389
Lizzie Falcon
Tiffer Hill, Resident Stage Manager
Holly Griffith, Box Office Manager
Opening in September 2017, the newest theatre in Tucson, The Scoundrel & Scamp, will immerse, challenge and invigorate our community in theatrical works ranging from classics to new. We provide a space where local artists and cross-generational audiences alike explore deep and provocative questions regarding self, tribe, life, death and what it ultimately means to be human. We strive to cultivate the next generation of theatre artists through collaboration, imagination, inquiry, and training.

Marvin Shaver, Artist

Suite 042, 738 N 5th Ave

Sierra Club - Rincon Group Grand Canyon Chapter

Suite 262, 300 E University Blvd
Dan Millis, Borderlands Campaign
Alicia Hamilton, Organizing Representative
Grassworks environmental organization working to protect our communities and the planet

Soma and Psyche Tucson

Suite 218, 738 N 5th Ave
Amy Champeau, Owner Psychotherapist Jungian analyst262.412.0646
Outpatient psychotherapy, creativity coaching, financial therapy, somatic psychotherapy, trauma treatment, trauma release therapy, intuitive painting instruction

Sonoran Joint Venture Binational Bird Conservation

Suite 102, 738 N 5th Ave
Jennie Duberstein, Coordinator
Emily Clark, Communications and Partnerships Specialist520.882.0047
A partnership involving a diversity of organizations and individuals from throughout the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico that share a common commitment to the conservation of all bird species and their habitats within this range.

Southwest Decision Resources

Suite 210, 738 N 5th Ave
Tahnee Robertson, Director 520.444.6105
Colleen Whitaker, Senior Program Associate520.269.8954
Julia Sittig, Program Associate 412.720.1811
The SDR team provides multi-party facilitation, collaboration and conflict resolution support to agencies, organizations and groups on natural resource, public policy, and community issues.

Tucson Ashiatsu

Suite 105, 738 N 5th Ave
Beth McVee, Licensed Massage Therapist360-292-9488
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, relaxation, and deep tissue massage.

Tucson Audubon Society and Nature Shop

Suite 120, 300 E University Blvd
Debbie Honan, Tucson Audubon Retail Coordinator520-209-1807
Safford Luke, Volunteer coordinator
Jennie MacFarland, Conservation Biologist5202091804
Kim Lopez, Accountant520-209-1803
Nicole Gillett, Conservation Advocate
Katie Brown, Events Coordinator520-209-1812
LaNella Gaines, Community Outreach & Program Director
Jonathan Horst
Lynn Hassler, Garden Volunteer Captain520.490.9840
Lesley Rich, Operations Director
Jonathan Lutz, Executive Director
Tucson Audubon promotes the protection and stewardship of southern Arizona’s biological diversity through the study and enjoyment of birds and the places they live.

Tucson Audubon connects people to their natural environment. Focusing on birds and other wildlife, we inspire and motivate people to conserve natural resources in southern Arizona for use and enjoyment by all.

Founded in 1949, Tucson Audubon is southern Arizona's leading non-profit engaging people in the conservation of birds and their habitats. We involve people through recreational birding, extend their horizons through education programs, and engage them in conservation actions from planting trees and counting birds, to working with local, state, and national policy makers. Tucson Audubon is a fully independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Tucson Counseling Associates, LLC

Suite 204, 738 N 5th Ave
Kate Kincaid, Licensed Professional Counselor520.873.8633
Outpatient psychotherapy services for children, teens, adults, couples and families offering flexible scheduling with therapists available evenings and weekends. In office appointments are available as well as in the comfort of your own home and online (via Skype).

Tucson CSA Community Supported Agriculture

Suite 146, 300 E University Blvd
Philippe Waterinckx, Director
Offering three-month subscriptions, or “shares,” for local organic produce. A share consist of a weekly bag of fresh, local, naturally-grown produce, straight from the field to your table.

Western Watersheds Project

Suite 200, 738 N 5th Ave
Greta Anderson
Protecting and restoring western watersheds and wildlife through education, public policy initiatives and litigation.

WildEarth Guardians

Suite 225, 738 N 5th Ave
Kevin Gaither-Banchoff, Development Director
Protecting and restoring wildlife, wild rivers, and wild places in the American West

The Wilderness Society - Wilderness Support Center

Suite 225, 738 N 5th Ave
Mike Quigley, Arizona State Director
Protect wilderness and inspiring Americans to care for our wild places, The Wilderness Society is the leading American conservation organization working to protect our nation’s public lands

Wildlands Network

Suite 264, 300 E University Blvd
Myles Traphagen, Borderlands Program Coordinator(520) 222-8979
Wildlands Network is reconnecting nature in North America. Wildlife needs to be able to move freely in search of food, mates, and secure habitat. We're working across North America to re-establish vast wildways so wide-ranging animals like cougars, wolves, and wolverines can travel safely through the landscape.The goal of Wildlands Network’s Borderlands Campaign is to ensure that jaguars, ocelots, and other wildlife can move freely through the Sky Islands region of northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S

Wildwind Realty, LLC

Suite 030, 300 E University Blvd
Owner and general manager of The Historic Y. See listing for The Historic Y above for contact information.

Zumba Toning with Sasha Alexander

2nd Floor, 738 N 5th Ave
Sasha Alexander, Instructor520.907.5048
1-hour Zumba Toning classes. The Latin-inspired,easy-to-follow, calorie burning, dance fitness party. Feel the music and let loose! Contact Sasha for class details.

ZUZI! Dance

Suite 131, 738 N 5th Ave
Nanette Robinson, Artistic Director520.629.0237
ZUZI! is a non-profit arts service organization committed to catalyzing personal expression and healing through movement-bases art forms and somatic practices for people of all backgrounds ages, and abilities. We offer classes, workshops, and performances for the community to fully experience live art.